Czech Republic…..check

6 Jan

We decided to use Andy’s suggestion for Czech foods. After doing some research about Czech Republic, I have discovered they have an enormous love for BEER! Just like me. I have also read that Goulash is a cure for hangovers. So that is what we are attempting tonight, traditional Czech Goulash and dumplings. Through the years we have used the term Goulash at our house, but our goulash was a completely different version than the European recipes. Each region and country seems to vary, but mainly involve paprika. My family always made goulash with cabbage, sausage, and eggs, cooked together in one pot, and we usually ate biscuits with it. It is very yummy, and I suggest you try it! Here is how my family makes it:

Bachmann Goulash:

1 head of cabbage

1 roll of sausage

6 eggs

Dice cabbage, boil until tender. Drain in a colander. While cabbage is draining, use the same pot to fry the sausage. After cabbage is COMPLETELY drained (you don’t want water in the final product) mix it back in with sausage, crack 6 eggs in, mixing well in between each egg. Salt and pepper to taste. Keep on medium low heat until the eggs are throughly cooked. I like to top mine with hot sauce.

Make this once, and you never need the recipe again, fast and easy dinner.

Last night, we started off with an appetizer of Head Cheese cold cut. In the Czech language it is huspenina. Huspenina is made by boiling the pig’s head (brain, ears and eyes not included, thank goodness) and legs, chopped up, and then mixed with the broth and then refrigerator to solidify. Various spices are added. I had to settle with Boar Head brand that I picked up at Krogers.

It didn’t taste bad, but it’s not something I would like a big slab of on a sandwich. It pretty much tasted like pimento loaf, with gelatin around it. Ryder and Everly actually really liked it and finished it off.

Next I did a soup that is very common in the Czech Republic, Garlic Soup. It was very good. Pretty much like French Onion soup but with Garlic rather than onions. I will make this soup again. Here is the link to the recipe I followed.

For the main course, I made Traditional Czech Goulash. It used a ton of onions, paprika, caraway seeds (something I have never used before), and several other ingredients. Pretty simple to make, but it took a long time to cook so that the meat was nice and tender. We all decided it was tasty, but not really something I’ll probably make in the future. A little to sweet for me. I could probably adjust some of the seasonings to make it to my liking, but then it wouldn’t be “traditional.”  I am glad we tried it though! Here is the link to the recipe

Last but most definitely not least, our Czech beer. It was absolutely the best lager I have ever had.

Overall, not too crazy about tonight’s meal. I’m sure if I was in Prague eating some goulash, it would have been much more enjoyable  🙂


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