I don’t see Escargot any time soon in my near future!

21 Jan

So as we wandered through Jungle Jim’s Thursday evening, we spotted some Periwinkle Snails. They were very cheap, so we decided to get a few. Since we were preparing Filipino dishes for tonight, I found a recipe just for these little guys, (scroll to the very bottom of the following link to find the recipe) http://blauearth.com/tag/ilocano-food-recipe/

A little coconut milk (Andy and I are not fond of coconut) ginger and salt, thrown on top of the snails in a saute pan.

I remember trying these when I was about 12, on a Caribbean cruise with my family, I couldn’t remember what they tasted like, so they were new adventurous to me.

Andy looking at it for way tooooo long.

Too much anticipation.

Contemplating how he’s going to hold it down.

Ryder’s deciding he doesn’t want to try it. We don’t FORCE him to try this stuff, we CONVINCE him to try it…It works.

Going in like a champ!

He’s totally confused as to why he gave in!

He survived and this pretty much sums it up, we all felt the same way.

Basically they are tough little worms curled up in a shell, they don’t want to come out, taste like dirty ocean water, and the coconut did not mask a thing. Blah.

The rest of our Filipino cuisine will be posted Sunday!



One Response to “I don’t see Escargot any time soon in my near future!”

  1. Cindy Carroll January 21, 2012 at 3:02 am #

    You guys are sooo brave!! I shudder with the thought of it. Love the pics of Ryder!!

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