Lets eat Cuban!

3 Feb

I have never known too much about Cuban cultures, except from what I have seen on “Dexter” and “First 48, Miami”. I was so pleased with this meal in how much flavor everything had. Fresh cilantro and lots of garlic, right up my alley. I went down to Carrollton, to my parents house, to share our Cuban experience with them and my brother and his family. A few family friends dropped in and we had ourselves a little cuban fiesta!

So, on the menu was, Marquita Salsa (the tastiest sauce I have ever had) with freshly fried plantain chips, papas rellanas with picadillo, black beans and rice, and bistec de palomilla. I found this great website, called 3 guys from Miami, who broke down just about every recipe I was looking for, so all of the recipes came from this website, http://3guysfrommiami.com/ and then the bistec de palomilla came from this blog, http://www.babalublog.com/archives/007924.html .

Mom and I headed over to La Rosita , down the street from her house in Carrollton.  This is hands down my favorite Mexican restaurant and grocery. They have several veggie and fruit choices that no other groceries in that area offer, a butcher that has different cuts of meat, and a bar you can order fast and cheap authentic mexican food (they cook it in front of you, and their Torta sandwiches are amazing)! Oh, I forgot to mention, giant jars of pickeled pigs feet and pig skin. I had to pick up a couple of pigs feet to force feed to everyone.

So we began the evening with a little tasting of pickled pigs feet. They aren’t pretty, everyone took a bite without hesitation, including all of the kids. I agreed with my brother, it mostly tasted like raw bacon. Whether they had pickled enough to be safe to eat, I’m not sure, but it’s been almost a week since, and no one seemed to fall ill!

(Photos are a little blurry….forgot my flash!)

Ryder was pretty excited about this!

My nephew Isaak trying the pigs feet, I love the look in his eyes as he takes a bite.

He gave a thumbs down, but I’m pretty sure his Mom at one point said, “don’t eat it all, save some for everyone else”. That’s ok Kasie, he can have it all!

Our family friend, Terry.

Breathe Terry, Breathe.

My mom, she gagged as soon as she took a bite, missed that photo op!

Our fresh ingredients for the meal, including some cuban coffee (or as similar to it as we could find)

So onto my favorite thing of the night, Marquita salsa. This is super easy to make, and I believe I could eat it on everything! I didn’t get any individual pics of this, it was just to hectic when we were trying to get everything fried and finished, but I got this image off of the 3 guys in Miami website:

Photo credit: http://icuban.com/food/mariquitas_salsa.html

It’s basically a puree of ALOT of garlic, cilantro, lime juice, and vinegar, poured into hot olive oil. It’s a dip, a sauce, whatever, just pour it all over everything!

Here are the plantains we fried. I can not believe how they look exactly like bananas when slicing them up, but taste nothing like them.

Next we worked on the Papas Rellenas with picadillo. Picadillo is the meat filling. It was a totally different taste than I have ever had, and it was delicious. Ground beef, several seasoning, raisins, olives, onions, and many other things. We stuffed this into some mashed potatos flattened into a patty. Here is a youtube video we watched to get the best idea of how to do this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c20MpZ1Hi2o . I will have the final image of the Papas Rellenas on the plate at the end.

Here is our Bistec de palomilla, marinating. It was very tasty!

My sister in law, Kasie made Banana Rum Pie with a cashew crust. It was excellent.

Apparently Everly was a fan of the Cuban cuisine!

Sorry Dad, couldn’t squeeze you into this one!

After dinner, my parents friends, Terry and LB entertained us with a little bluegrass/folk music, the kids joined in with the drum.





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