Findlay Market Pickins’

6 Feb

My brother, Tim, came up Friday to deliver a much needed gift, a minivan! (By the way, thank you, thank you, thank you Tim!) So to say thank you, I took him to Hofbrauhaus for a beer, and then we ventured down to Findlay Market. I totally forgot how awesome that place is! The weather was around 55 degrees, there were musicians playing, food cooking (which smelled delightful) and an arrayment of different foods to try. After touring around, we decided to buy some fresh rabbits. They were cleaned and beheaded and only $3.27 /lb. That’s a good price for meat in my book! I went back and forth on whether to buy some camel sausage with morrocan spices or blood sausage. I went with the blood sausage, simply because I have seen it on many shows, and never had the experience of trying it. I’ll pick up the camel sausage when I do a morrocan night! We went to Krause’s cheese and deli market and purchased our blood sausage, blood tongue, and limburger cheese. So this is how our night went……

Limburger cheese, there is just no pleasant way to describe this terribly stinky cheese, via wikipedia,  In 2006, a study showing that the malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae) is attracted equally to the smell of Limburger and to the smell of human feet. Also notable, Mighty Mouse‘s weakness is Limburger cheese, just in case your in a fight with him.

The kids going in for a bite of limburger cheese!

The moment after they took a bite. This is classic!

We sampled the limburger on rye bread with fried onions. Once you get past the smell, the taste is excellent. I really enjoyed it, and it is worth the pungent odor.TRY IT

German heritage full force in this family!

Blood sausage was the next thing we tried. NOT A FAN.

The flavor and texture were terrible, but it actually smelled delicious! Who’d a thought.

After that we tried the blood tongue. This is a deli meat popular in Germany. Beef tongue in congealed pigs blood. We actually liked this!

A little beheaded bunny.

Marninating bunny.

Fried bunny.

Hasenpfeffer bunny, and some cabbage!

The rabbit meat was cooked perfectly (by my brother) and it is a meat I could absolutely incorporate into my weekly meals. The meat was not “gamey” at all, somewhat like a delicate pork. I absolutely loved it!

It was a fun evening with the family, I’m so happy my they share the same strange interest as myself!!


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