Cajun Night

9 Feb

We were planning my father in laws 65th birthday, and he mentioned he would love some Cajun food, so this past weekend, I veered off the international path yet again, and found some yummy New Orleans recipes. Cajun food has many influences, but mainly french. French immigrants who settled in Arcadia (Canada) were exiled during the French Indian war in the mid 1700’s. Many of them found their new home in Louisiana, creating the Cajun culture.

I found some great recipes for the evening, and enjoyed making them (except for shelling 5lbs of crawfish!)

I used some of the leftover rabbit meat from the previous night and made rabbit croquettes, with a Cajun ranch dipping sauce.

I know this looks like a science project, but one of Cajuns favorite snacks are pickled eggs. They were really good.

Recipe can be found here,

Crawfish Etouffee, I loved this recipe! I suggest purchasing crawfish tails, unless you have en extra hand to peel the crawfish, it took 5lbs of peeling to get about 1.75 lbs of crawfish. Here is the recipe,

This is the dough for our Beignets, here is the recipe, soooo easy to make and soooo delicious!

My niece Kiersten helped me roll, cut and fry the beignets.

The finished product. We ate these hot!

The kids stood around the tray of beignets arguing about which one they were going to eat. The beignets disappeared more quickly than any dessert I have ever made!

Andy’s Dad with all of his grandkids.



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