Malaysian Cuisine

27 Jun

This week, we explored the cuisine of Malaysia. Malaysia is located near Indonesia, Thailand and Phillipines in South East Asia. It’s cuisine is derived from multiple ethnicities, due to that, a complex flavor has developed in “Malay” cuisine. There many many dishes I wanted serve this week, but due to time constraints, I only chose Steamed Pork Pau (Steamed Pork Bun) and Char Kuey Teow (Penang Fried Flat Noodles). They were both absolutely delicious and will stay in my recipe box!

Steamed Pork Buns

These are very similar to the Siopao’s I made for the Phillipines  dinner ( ) The filling was a bit different. I did not follow the recipe completely as I had time constraints, so I put all of the meat filling ingredients in a crock pot on low for 6 hours, shredded it, and then followed the directions the rest of the way. The flavor was absolutely great, and thanks to my friend Jamie, I didn’t have to even put them all together!

Recipe :

Jamie, rolling out the dough.

Other than pork filling, we also had steamed cabbage, and eggs.

Steaming the Pau.

The final product!


Char Kuey Teow

This fried noodle dish is amazing, it is a popular street food in Malaysia, specifically Penang. The chili paste recipe that is included in this recipe is even MORE amazing, we made the entire batch of it, cooked with some of it, then ate pretty much all but a tablespoon, which I polished off the next day with some tacos. I’ve already whipped up another batch but just used jalapenos (they are super super cheap) and used it as a salsa, a flavoring, and just to eat by the spoonful.  I thought it would be over powerfully spicy, but it’s not, so please, please, for the sake of your tastebuds, just make it and eat it!! Another recommendation, the frying of the ingredients, requires high heat, a wok, and preparedness, you have to move so fast your head will explode. Have everything lined up, and if it’s your first time stir frying, open the windows and be prepared for a smoke filled kitchen. (I have not figured out how to avoid this yet.)

Recipe :

Steamed mussels, such a cheap, delicious and versatile shellfish!

Ryder, trying out our awesome new Kitchen Aid Food Processor that our friends Nick and Jamie bought for me as a gift, they must love this cookin 🙂   Did I mention it’s a 13 cup food processor?!!!

I was so busy during this cooking process, this was the only (crappy) image I could catch.

Yum, all complete!

The most dishes I have ever used in one cooking session, and I only made 2 things!


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