New Zealand

3 Sep

This week, through suggestions of Friends on Facebook, we decided to try out New Zealand’s cuisine. Since most recipes I found online had something to do with deer meat, I decided to go with a Venison meat pie. Our friend, David, donated to some wonderful meat to our cause. I have had deer numerous times before, but I had never cooked it myself, other than some ground meat in chili. The flavor and tenderness was far from my expectations. As soon as I started cutting into the chops, I could tell it was going to be tender. I used the ingredients from this recipe, but did a somewhat different cooking method.

Started out with the deer meat….

I then coated in flour, garlic powder and salt, and browned each side in some olive oil……

Removed from pan, and cooked bacon and herbs, and the rest of ingredients except for crust, and out the venison back in……..

I didn’t use as much red wine as it called for, since I wasn’t going to cook it as long as the recipe called for. I also added some cornstarch to thicken before I used the red wine. Allowed to simmer for 20 minutes, or until thick, then covered with a pie crust, any pie crust recipe will do. Bake at 360 degrees until pie crust is golden.

It turned out absolutely perfect, the meat was tender, and so flavorful. This will make anyone who is afraid of eating deer, turn into a fan!

Next I made a Kumara Salad. Kumara is a type of sweet potato from New Zealand, of course I just used regular sweet potatoes, they are grilled with a vinegar, oil, sugar, and bacon dressing. It had a great taste, and was very colorful.


The Kumara Salad is plated here next to the Venison Pie.


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