No forks allowed……Morrocan dinner.

9 Oct

I was super excited about trying this cuisine, (especially because it is proper to eat with your hands, no utensils needed)  so many things were tempting to make, but due to being pregnant, and completely grossed out by all raw meat except ground beef, I opted for the Egg and ground meat Tagine. It is normally cooked in something called a Tagine, (hint the recipe name)

but did not have time to scrounge one up. So I used a Le Creuset pot, seemed to work fine, however, I have nothing to compare it to! It turned out absolutely delicious, especially using the bread to sop up the juices, tasted like nothing I have ever had! MAKE THIS DISH!

Egg and Ground Meat Tagine


Start out with finely chopped onion and tomato, and simmer.

Add meatballs and slow cook until meat is thoroughly cooked.

Crack eggs on top (that is the white that you see on top), allow to cook until whites of eggs are done, then serve. Easy and so much flavor.


Tchoutchouka….. Roasted Pepper and Tomato salad

This was a great salad/ condiment with the tagine. So much flavor, wish I had made more to eat on the left over bread.




Batbout M’Khmer Bread


This bread was easy and tasty, like I said earlier, it did a great job sopping up the tagine juices, especially since Morrocan’s do not use forks, hands only!

I love seeing bread dough go from this…….


to this!


Morrocan Couscous



The couscous is to the left of the bread, didn’t put much time into styling the plate, I was starving!

Morrocan food was a treat, and will make this exact dinner again very soon, simple enough and a great addition to our evening meals!






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  1. October 12, 2012 at 12:48 am #

    So happy you enjoyed my recipe!

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